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AlarmSoft - SupportThe Central Works 2000 & Auto Biller 2000 packages include 90 days of free daytime technical and product support with the purchase of the full single-user and multi-user versions of the program. Purchase, of the Central Works 2000 Lite receive 30 days of free daytime technical and product support. During this time our support department will determine the level of support required for your application. After that time you will be invoiced for the next support period. Technical support includes complimentary (requested) upgrades of the package as well as access to our technical support personnel during our normal business hours of 9am – 5pm EDT.

Due to the complexity of our products, technical/product support is required for multi-user licenses during the first year of operation. Almost daily, operating systems are changing little by little. With your extended support plan you can rest assured that your business will be kept at its optimum operating capacity through our product/technical support program.

At the end of your free support period you will automatically receive an invoice for continued support. Support fees are based depending on the level of support you require. Upgrade pricing and support fees are quoted upon request.

AlarmSoft - Support