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For the last several decades AlarmSoft™ has been an industry leader in new automation solutions for use in central station alarm monitoring environments. Once again we are proud to announce a new standard in central station alarm monitoring services.

Our industry leading Central Works 2000 alarm monitoring software has recently been enhanced with a new feature called the "Signal-me" E-mail Feature for use with our popular Central Station Wizard companion program. With the advent of this new feature alarm signals may now be e-mailed in a real time mode directly from the monitoring PC without any intervention from the central station operator. Signals may be sent directly to up to five unique e-mail addresses per event code. In addition, for those central stations that run in an unattended automatic mode, these same signals can also be sent to five other global system e-mail addresses as well.

This new feature allows the user to customize text files using our powerful .POF file technology that will allow the output of nearly any account information data field available from within the Central Works 2000 system. Custom text and/or instructions can be embedded into the output of the signal information to offer additional information or assistance concerning each individual alarm signal received.

Missed autotests, low batterys, AC power loss signals and more can be conveniently delivered directly to technicians in the field in a real time mode without any operator intervention at all. Alarm signals can be sent directly to the client location and/or a roaming security guard making rounds as they occur. Trouble signals and non-emergency signals can be sent to other e-mail addresses for attention as soon as they occur. This feature can be enabled in any system that is equipped with our Central Station Wizard program simply by acquiring the current version of the Central Works 2000 program. This feature can be used in both unattended, automatic processing central stations as well as those that are manned and using live operators.

This feature can be used with any e-mail enabled device. A laptop, BlackBerry, cell phone or palm pilot can now be used to monitor alarms anywhere in the field. Imagine! You can now monitor alarm signals riding around in your truck!

Now, remote monitoring of alarm signals is even easier than before! Gone are the days of alpha-numeric pagers and cumbersome TAP protocol technologies. Now, any cell phone, blackberry, palm pilot, or any other e-mail capable device can be used to monitor alarm signals from virtually anywhere in the field. All that is required is a central station computer equipped with our industry leading Central Works 2000 monitoring software, the Central Station Wizard companion program, and an active internet connection and the alarm receiving device of your choice. We even offer internal and stand alone receiver technology that can be incorporated directly into the same PC! The level of service that can now be offered to the alarm client is unparalleled anywhere within the industry.

This powerful feature is in addition to the already popular and heavily used feature of automatic open/closing reporting that can be sent automatically in the background to any e-mail address or fax number. This is the basic feature of our Central Station Wizard companion program and has gained wide popular use within the industry.