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AlarmSoft's Solution for IP Video Management Systems...

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Total Connect IP Video Services combine cost-effective, easy-to-install cameras with a comprehensive, customer-focused communications service. Total Connect Remote Video Management Services lets end-users view activity around the interior or exterior of their homes or businesses on PCs or mobile devices over a highly secure Internet connection.

Additional Features Include...

~ Advanced graphic user interface - The Total Connect video viewer is an attractive, easy to use interface with customizable multiple images, sizing capability and straming views. Optional pan/tilt controls for compatible cameras.

~ Adobe Flash player-based application

~ QuickTime video player

~ Secure communications firewall friendly video streaming - No router changes required

~ Web-based camera configuration - Video application parameters configured via Total Connect

~ Up to six cameras supported per account - Selectable per user multi-camera view

~ Event driven video notification with adjustable video motion detection technology

~ Video storage of up to 100MB of video clips

Now order all of the equipment and cameras you need to get your Total Connect Video Management services started today! Just Follow the AlarmSoft E-Mall link!

iPCAM - PT (Indoor Pan/Tilt)

Services - iPCAM-PT iPCAM-PT is an indoor camera with Pan/Tilt functionality that can be ceiling mounted. Added features include a motion sensor, (PIR) Passive Infra Red sensor and LED lighting for low light events.

iPCAM - WI (Wireless Indoor)

Services - iPCAM-WI iPCAM-WI is a wired or wireless indoor camera with a motion sensor that can be customized with up to 4 motion zone.

iPCAM - WI2 (Wireless Indoor)

Services - iPCAM-WI2iPCAM-WI2 is an updated version of the iPCAM-WI that offers the same functionality as the original but now with a smaller design and a more asthetic appeal for home use.

iPCAM - WI2B (Wireless Indoor)

Services - iPCAM-WI2B iPCAM-WI2B is an updated version of the iPCAM-WI that offers the same functionality as the original but now with a smaller design, a more asthetic appeal for home use and options for different colors.

iPCAM - WO (Wireless Outdoor)

Services - iPCAM-WOiPCAM - WO is a wireless outdoor camera. It comes complete with a motion sensor that has a 60 degree area of coverage, Infra Red sensors and a built-in light sensor.

Wireless Access Point

Services - WAP WAP (Wireless Access Point) provides secure, wireless networking ability (Wi-Fi) in iPCAM installations. It connects easily to a port on a router and is configured with iPCAMs using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS).

Wired/Wireless Analog Converter Unit

Services - ACU The ACU will convert any analog surveilance system to work with the Total Connect Video services, allowing the same functionality but with the addon benefits of mobile connectivity and off site video storage.

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