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AlarmSoft™ is the American Distributor for all MCDI Products.

MCDI™ quality receivers' are extremely easy to use...

And you can find the configuration tools right here.

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AlarmSoft - Downloads

Below is a list of MCDI Receiver Cards and the software needed for each individual card. Just remember to save directly to your desktop for quick and easy access.

For the Exprecium 1 Receiver Card

WinExprecium - This is the configuration software

WinCOM -This is the diagnostic software


For the Decrypta 3 Receiver & the Exprecium 2 & Exprecium 3 Cards

WinExprecium II - This is the configuration software

WinCOM - This is the diagnostic software


if you are currently running the Windows 7 Operating System on the computer that you installed the card, you will need these drivers for the card to function properly.

Exprecium Win 7 Drivers