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2011 Best of Business Award


How it All Started

We developed one of the first auto-billing software products for the alarm industry. The software team then developed pioneering software that fully automated alarm monitoring central stations starting in 1980. Today, the flagship product, Central Works, continues to dominate the alarm central station market. Our products are found protecting schools, universities, public utilities, and many well-known government bases & high-risk structures. You will also find our software products in use in countries all around the globe.


Computer hardware has also become more powerful. Thousands of electronic components needed to perform a task years ago now use one chip. Complex software instructions which used to take minutes now take seconds. All thanks to faster and more reliable computer hardware.

While all these fascinating new products were available, software manufacturers seem to stay a little behind the times. Here's where AlarmSoft comes in with Central Works 2000 (CW2000).


What to Expect


It is our desire to offer the ultimate operations package for many of your computer needs. Please feel free to offer your suggestions. Most of the features found in the CW2000 have come from a central station environment, not a book! We really do listen to your suggestions!

Additionally, CW2000 takes advantage of many modern programming language extensions. Our products use things like Object Oriented Programming (OOP), DOS real-mode (640k DOS), and DOS protected-mode (16mb DOS) environments. In developing our products, we use state-of-the-art language products. This allows our products to be developed in a timely manner allowing unsurpassed features. Once a new release is ready, the product is installed in a real, on-site central station. Our development team can then test the performance and feasibility of new features. This process coupled with the longevity in our market provides for a well behaved and mature software product.

Our Future

AlarmSoft proudly announces the launch of our new Video Management Services. In addition to providing high-quality, user friendly head-end solutions to dealers for enterprise scale projects we are also able to provide elegant solutions for smaller, less complicated projects. Over the last few months we have worked diligently to establish and activate our new Video IP server farm. We are now able to offer off-site video recording/hosting services, eliminating the need for costly DVR and NVR systems. Our solutions are scalable so that technologies can be adjusted up or down as customer needs change.

In addition to partnering up with Honeywell’s Total Connect services, we have also established our own OEM Video Hosting solution that is compatible with over 1000 camera models across 60 manufacturers. Ease of use, reasonable pricing and readily available compatibility makes our new IP solutions cost effective for nearly any application conceivable. With “hot spot” technology, cameras can be pre-programmed to detect motion during pre-scheduled times and then deliver real-time video clips directly to your e-mail or smartphone for immediate access! Other advantages include video recording retention at an off-site location, remote management and support of selected equipment and the solid reputation of an established industry leader in the central station automation field. IP Video management is no longer only available to large, well funded central stations! Our solutions can be used in both manned and un-manned central stations.

AlarmSoft is now offering dealer programs to help get your business on-line and begin increasing your recurring revenue immediately!

With our Video Management Service (VMS) you can now view your property live over any active internet connection and/or smartphone. VMS keeps you connected to your home, business, boat, beach house, storage facilities, etc… You can setup multiple trigger zones for each camera that will notify you when an established zone has been entered. Time schedules can be created to determine when trigger zones are active. 

VMS is available nationwide. If you move, simply take your cameras with you. Connect your system to the internet and your VMS is again functional.

VMS is capable to manage up to (6) cameras for the same monthly price! You can start with 1 or 2 cameras and add future cameras at your convenience.

VMS is designed for do-it-yourself. After you place your order with AlarmSoft, your onsite access will be established and the cameras you purchase will be preconfigured and shipped to you. Once received, use the step-by-step directions to place your wireless cameras on your property. Plug in the supplied transformers. Once the cameras recognize your internet connection, you should be able to start using your cameras immediately.

An active Broadband Internet connection, available wired port on router/switch (WPS equipped router preferred).  Cameras come with a plug-in power transformer. QuickTime® and Flash® may be needed for your PC.